Wilderness at the Smokies Waterpark Resort and Family Adventure Center #BayouTravel

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Wilderness at tthe Smokies Waterpark and Family Adventure Center #Bayoutravel

Last fall I visited Wilderness at the Smokies Waterpark Resort and Family Adventure Center. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay so when warm weather approached we wanted to experience the resort at it’s full summer glory. If you are interested in booking Wilderness for your upcoming Smoky Mountain vacation, be sure to visit our previous post for Wilderness at the Smokies accommodation and indoor water park information.

Tennessee Largest Indoor Outdoor Waterpark in the Smoky Mountain  Wilderness at the Smokies #BayouTravel

Today we are featuring outdoor water park fun at Wilderness at the Smokies. Did you know that Wilderness at the Smokies has several upcoming events? Labor Day is a great time to visit Wilderness at the Smokies. This year you can receive 20% off by booking your 3 night labor day weekend stay at Wilderness! If you are looking for fall travel you are in luck! Home School Days is Nov 9-13, 2014. Your family can receive a great rate of $79 per night plus enjoy events being held in the area by fellow Smoky Area Attraction: Titanic. Titanic Museum Attraction and Wilderness at the Smokies have teamed up for an exciting homeschool event. Now, off to the water slides!

Salamander Springs Outdoor Waterpark  Wilderness at the Smokies #BayouTravel

Salamander Springs Outdoor Waterpark is at Stone Hill Lodge across the street from the main hotel area and is geared more towards little ones. We did not play at this water park but did go look at it and take a few pictures. The little ones would stand in front of the Tipping Bait Bucket when the horn would sound to see if they could get soaked. The Timble Rattler was the tube ride that had a short line of people waiting to go down. There is also a large hot tub that adults and kids can relax in. When I travel I am always looking for ways to relax and a hot tub would certainly do just that.

Action Bracelets -  Best way to capture a thrill ride  water park moment  Wilderness at the Smokies #BayouTravel

Pictures can definitely capture a moment especially at a waterpark. I purchased the Action Bracelet available at Wilderness at the Smokies to capture photos that are normally impossible to get. The pictures with this bracelet are fair in quality but I think there are a few things that need to be tweaked with it. The bracelet is $20 and it is good for 10 days and is a great value which include unlimited photos at one flat cost.

When you purchase it you enter a cellphone number and the pictures are instantly sent to your phone. We did get pictures on the Wild Vortex as well as the Cyclone Racers. I was also excited to learn from their CEO about some of the major updates they are making to the technology to make it even better.

Our family played at the Lake Wilderness Outdoor Water park. We visited this area many times during our stay and enjoyed relaxing in the Cataloochee Creek Adventure River. My girls are old enough that they could stay in the lazy river while my husband and I enjoyed a drink and sat at one of the many tables with umbrellas and relaxed. There are a few water spouts and waterfalls that are along the lazy river and some currents from the adjoining Washout Wilderness Rapids wavepool.

The Wild Vortex is a thrill water ride that allows one person at a time to free fall 39 feet. You get into a spaceship looking contraption where you stand on a trap door. The simulator counts down 3-2-1 and the trap door opens and you fall then go into a loop and end at the straightaway at the bottom. For those that are either too light or too heavy for the ride and don’t actually make the loop there is an opening that you can climb out of if you are unable to make the turn. The line for this particular ride was considerably shorter than the rest since it is for more daring people. My 12 year old daughter decided to ride this so brag to her older sister that she did it. A tip for riding this (See 2nd picture for demonstration) is when you are waiting on the trap door wrap your arms around yourself, almost like you are hugging yourself. This helps to minimize the back rubbing on the slide and leaving red brushburns.


The Cyclone Racers were the popular ride at the outdoor water park. There are 4 lanes so it was fun to ride and see who would “win the race.” This line was longer than the other but moved quickly since up to 4 people can go at once. This ride uses a mat that you lay on to help you gain speed while riding the curved tubes to come out on the straightaway.

Wilderness at the Smokies  Resort Indoor and Outdoor Water Park in the Smoky Mountains #BayouTravel

Our balcony was on the water park side of the hotel. It was nice to sit out on the balcony in the morning and look at the area. Once the park opened you could sit out there and watch the people relax on a lounge chair, sit under the umbrellas with a book or a drink or watch everyone else enjoying the water activities. The view of the Lake Wilderness Outdoor Water Park was definitely a plus during our stay.

Wilderness in the Smokies is perfect for families young and old. There is so much to do on the ground itself that in reality there is no need to leave the hotel. From family activities to dining, Wilderness at the Smokies has what the traveling family would want in a resort destination. Once you visit you will want to recommend the location to your friends and families going to the Smoky Mountain Region.

For more information you can visit their website, follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Daisy says

    We are planning a road trip to visit family. I’m adding this to our list of places to stop along the way. It looks perfect for my son! That giant bucket that spills water will definitely rock his world!

    • amanda @attachedmoms says

      I think you would love it for sure. These photos show it to be a great time.

  2. says

    That looks like great, refreshing fun! Will have to add this to our list for the next time we are in the area. Always so much to do and see in the Smokies!

  3. Lisa Ladrido says

    That looks like such a fun place to visit, especially in the summer time. Plus the discount you shared is a great one! I love all the pictures!

  4. Lois Alter Mark says

    That looks like so much fun! My kids loved water parks when they were little. Perfect for hot summer days.

  5. Fariha @canadianmomeh.com says

    This looks like SO much fun! My kids have never been to a water park. I’d love to go somewhere like this.

  6. says

    What a beautiful hotel and water fun area. I’m not a big water person and I’ve never understood how people can be so brave (crazy) to go down those water slides!!!!

    • Carly says

      I wish I wasn’t such a wimp! Tube slides look like so much fun- but the totally freak me out!

  7. says

    That waterpark looks like a lot of fun, we always love to go to places like that. I really love all the pictures, they make me wish I was there. Thank you for telling me about Wilderness at the Smokies Waterpark Resort and Family Adventure Center.

  8. says

    That looks fantastic. We are such big watermark fans. You have no idea!! That bracelet is so smart. Why isn’t everyone doing that now?? I am always at the top of the waterside tucking a waterproof camera in my hand and hoping for the best. Or holding it tight all the way down on the family slide (which never works) I would totally buy that. No question.

  9. Kelli A says

    My kids would love this place. We have something similar in our area, but it indoors. I would prefer it outside like this one!