Napa Valley- Where to visit in Wine Country #BayouTravel

Napa Valley - Where to visit in Wine Country #BayouTravel

Are you planning a visit to Napa Valley's "wine country?" If so, there are plenty of attractions to entertain and keep you busy. Check out these spots that you need to be sure to visit. Robert Louis Stevenson State Park Located in Calistoga, the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park is named after the famous American author. You can enjoy hiking and the lure of nature as you get glimpses of the Pacific in the distance and appreciate the beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Napa Valley Continue Reading

Roller Coaster Mania – Theme Parks in the Midwest #BayouTravel

Roller Coasters Mania - Theme Parks in the Midwest #BayouTravel

If you're planning a theme park getaway in the Midwest, there are some great options for you. Whether you're hoping to enjoy a roller coaster or some other ride, you have plenty of great amusement parks to choose from. Check these out! Holiday World and Splashin' Safari, Santa Claus, Indiana With wooden coasters like The Voyage and The Raven, Holiday World offers thrills and chills. Water rides like Mammoth and Wildebeest are popular among visitors looking for excitement and splashes. With a Continue Reading

How to save money on your next Disney Vacation #BayouTravel

How to save money on your next Disney #BayouTravel

If you're planning a Disney vacation soon, you already know that you need to set a budget and do a little penny pinching to make it happen. To put everything together and turn that Disney dream into a real life vacation come true, you will want a few tricks and tips to help you save money. Check these out and get ready for your Disney adventure on a shoestring budget. Off-Season Traveling Sure, you might be thinking about that Disney vacation during the busy summer season when the kids are Continue Reading

Favorite Photos of Lefkada Greece -Greek Island in the Ionian Sea -Photoblog Series #BayouTravel

sunset and beach

Photographer friend Andre is sharing more photographs from a recent visit to Greece. If Greece isn't in your travel bucket list, these pictures will ask you why not? Lefkada is a Greek Island located in the Ionian Sea on the west coast of Greece. Naturally you will find several resorts in the area which makes Lefkada a prime travel destination. Because of its proximity to the mountains, visitors can expect warm summers and cool winter nights but the city is breathtaking. Continue Reading

Eating the World at Epcot #BayouTravel

Eating the World at Epcot #BayouTravel

A typical kid-centered vacation usually means eating plenty of mediocre meals. You’re after ease, a low price, and something that will keep them happy. Spending a day or two at Epcot may make you rethink what eating at a theme park can mean. There’s even an unofficial “eat/drink around the world” challenge that many people attempt to complete. The challenge is simple, eat something and drink something from each of the pavilions! Each one of the country pavilions in Epcot offers at least two Continue Reading

5 Countries in the Caribbean You Need to Visit #BayouTravel

5 Countries in the Caribbean you Need to Visit #BayouTravel

Are you planning a vacation somewhere in the Caribbean? Whether you are planning a trip sooner or later, there are certain places you need to be sure to visit. Check out these five countries in the Caribbean that are a must on your visit list. Aruba The gorgeous little island of Aruba is a must if you are visiting the Caribbean. It's ideal for families, honeymooners, even weddings. With plenty of modern accommodations and attractions that shouldn't be missed, Aruba should be on your list Continue Reading

Cruise Ship Excursions: Punta Sur Eco Beach Park in Cozumel Mexico #BayouTravel

Lighthouse in Punta Sur Cozumel Mexico #BayouTravel

Cozumel is likely to be a port city in most cruise ship itinerary, I try to experience different excursion opportunity when planning our next stop in Cozumel. Since our recent visit occurred in February, I was nervous about the water temperature and the possibility of colder weather in Cozumel. We decided to visit Punta Sur Eco Beach Park which offers everything from a beach, restaurant, lighthouse, museums and small ruins directly on site. Punta Sur Eco Beach Park is the largest Continue Reading

Washington DC Family Destination Guide #BayouTravel

Washington DC Family Destination Guide

Generations of Americans have visited Washington DC to experience the sights and sounds that make up our nation’s capital. While history buffs hold a special reverence for this city, don’t be put off if this isn’t your cup of tea. Visitors young and old will be entertained and enjoy everything DC has to offer. Where to Stay and Getting Around Like most big cities the cost of hotels in Washington DC can be high. But don’t limit your searches just to DC proper. You will likely be able to find Continue Reading

Travel Chat: Books That Inspire Readers to Travel #BayouTravel

Travel Chat_ Books that inspire readers to travel  #BayouTravel

If you're an avid reader, you know how much a good book can influence and motivate your thoughts. If you like the idea of traveling, some books may be more likely to encourage you to make a trip or two. Check out these books that will inspire you to travel or at least give you a good case of wanderlust. On the Road This 1957 classic by Jack Kerouac may be the original hobo story -- or least the inspiration for a generation of Beatniks -- those pre-hippie ancestors. The story follows Sal Continue Reading

From Atlanta to New Orleans – Digital Walking Tours by Urban Adventure Quest #BayouTravel #Ad

Urban Adventure Quest - Family Walking Tours at 1 Price #BayouTravel

Disclosure: The following is a sponsored post. Please refer to my disclosure section for additional information. My family and I continuously traveling throughout the year. I am always considering attraction admission rates and tour fees as a deciding factor on how we will spend our time in any city. My children and I, along with my mother and sister will be visiting San Antonio this summer. Although we have several attractions already in place, a walking tour for a family of 5 can Continue Reading

Couchsurfing: What to Consider Before & How to Prepare #BayouTravel

CouchSurfing_ What to Consider Before & How to Prepare  #BayouTravel

Have you heard the term "couchsurfing?" If you don't know what couchsurfing is, here's a chance to learn a little about this unique aspect of travel. Couchsurfing is... The term couchsurfing refers to staying on someone's couch -- or other available sleeping arrangement -- for a short period instead of using other accommodations such as a hotel. The couchsurfing network which is a website of over 5 million registered users worldwide. It's very simple really: Hosts can register their Continue Reading

Cruise Chat: Pros & Cons of a Disney Cruise #BayouTravel

Cruise Chat_ Pros & Cons of a Disney Cruise  #BayouTravel

If you are planning to take a cruise, there are plenty of cruise companies to choose from. One of the most popular for families is Disney. Here are a few pros and cons that you may want to know about the Disney cruises. Pros Swimming There is a pool for young kids (Mickey's Pool) and a pool for families (Donald's Pool) available and these have seating areas for parents. If you're after an adults-only pool, the Quiet Cove is available. Staterooms Some ships have connecting cabins Continue Reading