My Family & The Size Factor – Cruising With Children #BayouTravel #CruisingCarnival

The Size Factor - My kids and Carnival Dream #CruisingCarnival #BayouTravel

Disclosure: I was a guest aboard Carnival Cruise Lines and Carnival Dream. All opinions and thoughts are my own. For more information, please refer to this site's disclosure section. I started writing my about Carnival Cruise Lines and Carnival Dream experience which set sail out of New Orleans but as I began to edit my pictures I began to get very emotional. Initially I began writing about Carnival Dream and how appropriate this ship was for my family. You see, I have older children. Continue Reading

Eco-Friendly Tips for Family Travel #BayouTravel

Eco-Friendly Tips for  Family Travel

Ready to take a vacation with the whole family, but want to do it in a sustainable way? In recent years there has been a growth in the sustainable travel industry aimed at individuals and families. In the past, going green while traveling meant expensive hotels and often lower quality products. Today, it’s almost the exact opposite! In numerous studies, travelers have responded that when given the choice they'd take a sustainable option over one that wasn't when presented with the choice. Continue Reading

Cruise Travel Preparations: What to know about Belize Cruise Port? #BayouTravel

Cruise Travel Preperations What to know about the Belize Cruise Port #BayouTravel

The country of Belize has become one of Central America’s hottest destinations thanks to its Caribbean coast, proximity to Mexico, plentiful natural resources, and English speaking population. This nation, once a colony of Great Britain has been welcoming tens of thousands of tourists a year. If your next cruise makes a stop at the port of Belize here are some things you should know. Belize City Incoming cruise ships dock in Belize City that not only borders the Caribbean Sea but the Belize Continue Reading

Wilderness at the Smokies Waterpark Resort and Family Adventure Center #BayouTravel

Wilderness at tthe Smokies Waterpark and Family Adventure Center #Bayoutravel

Disclosure: This website and/or our contributor was a guest of Wilderness at the Smokies Waterpark Resort and Family Adventure Center. All opions and thoughts are our own. Please see the site's disclosure section for additional information. Last fall I visited Wilderness at the Smokies Waterpark Resort and Family Adventure Center. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay so when warm weather approached we wanted to experience the resort at it's full summer glory. If you are interested in booking Continue Reading

Orlando’s Cultural Family Travel Guide #BayouTravel

Cultural Family Travel Orlando #BayouTravel

When I say Orlando what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The big mouse? Shamu the whale? Sunshine? But, did you know that Orlando and the surrounding area is also home to some great attractions that embrace the cultural history and experience of the region? Orlando is probably the last place you would think of visiting to experience Shakespeare but the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre takes pride in presenting classic performances and educational opportunities to visitors. They offer year round Continue Reading

Cruise Travel Guide: Food of the Caribbean #BayouTravel

Cruise Chat Traditional Caribbean Food #BayouTravel

Caribbean cuisine is a unique fusion of African, European, East Indian, Arab, Chinese, and Indigenous food and food styles. Because of the geographic nature of islands a lot of foods are based around the ingredients that can be found locally such as rice and beans, tropical fruits, fish, pork, poultry, and beef. Caribbean cooking also includes many different spices and herbs like hot peppers, garlic, onions, cilantro, rosemary and thyme. The availability of many items became possible only Continue Reading

Carnival Dream – When The Sun Goes Down Cruise Ship Entertainment #CruisingCarnival #BayouTravel

When the Sun Goes Down - Carnival Dream #CruisingCarnival #BayouTravel(2)

Disclosure: I was a guest of Carnival Dream. All opinions are my own. Please see site's disclosure section for additional information. When I travel with my family I want a combination of two things: Relaxation and Excitement. I'm not going to beat around the bush, I like my naps, especially on vacation. But when the sun goes down I like to enjoy local entertainment. During our recent cruise aboard Carnival Cruise Lines- Carnival Dream my family and I enjoyed all the entertainment options Continue Reading

Family Cruise Ship Excursions for Less – Western Caribbean #BayouTravel

Family Cruise Ship Excursions for Less – Western Caribbean #BayouTravel

Families can benefit in many ways by cruise travel. Aside from the bundled cost, the ease and convenience of cruise ship travel is a huge draw to many traveling families. In my mind, the actual cruise is not what draws people away from a cruise: It is the cost of each port day. During my recent Carnival Cruise Lines - Carnival Dream experience, I was determined to maximize my cruising dollar at every port. As I share my experience below I will be highlighting the overall cost at each port Continue Reading

Looking at Ivy Leagues Schools this year? Consider College & University Travel #BayouTravel

Have a High School Senior Plan your next vacation with education and the future in mind College & University Travel #BayouTravel

Parents of high school juniors and seniors with plans of attending an Ivy League school should make plans as soon as possible to tour the schools, facilities, and areas. An Ivy League education is a dream come true for most. Having excelled in high school to the point where this is a real possibility is an accomplishment in itself. The admissions processes for these schools are extensive and complex. Touring the campuses prior to applying can help narrow the list of options and reduce the stress Continue Reading

Cruise Excursion Guide: A Day at Grand Cayman Island #BayouTravel

Crise Excursion Guide - Grand Cayman Islands #BayouTravel

The Cayman Islands are a series of three islands; Little Cayman, Grand Cayman, and Cayman Brac. These islands are a great destination for couples and families and often a stop many cruise ships make. If you have a port stop in Grand Cayman here are a few ideas for activities you might enjoy. Seven Mile Beach is the most famous beach on the islands and has been consistently ranked as the ultimate beach vacation location in many publications and listings. It’s on the western shore of the Continue Reading

Regional Animals of Alaska #BayouTravel

Regional Animals of Alaska #BayouTravel

Our contributor recently returned from a trip to Alaska. Actually she is still there! After falling in love with the area, she has decided to live in Alaska for the next 2 months. Aside from being very jealous of her, I am so proud that she is starting a new journey in life. Today she is sharing her recent Alaskan experience in a series dedicated to Alaska. Today she is sharing information regarding regional animals found in the area. The regional animals of Alaska are found both on land and Continue Reading

Planning an Upcoming Camping Trip? Camping Trip Organization Tips #BayouTravel

A red pencil laying on a paper with a camping checklist.

Planning a camping trip, particularly one that will go on for longer than a weekend can take a lot of work. There are a lot of supplies that you need when camping that you would not normally take with you on a trip. All of this extra “stuff” means that you need to be pretty organized in order to fit everything in the car, and to make sure you don't forget anything. The camping organization tips below can help you pack quickly and take the stress out of planning your next camping trip. Make a Continue Reading