Visiting Alaska, the Beautiful #BayouTravel

Alaska the Beautiful #BayouTravel

Contributor Kristi takes us to Alaska with her new adventures and pictures of Alaska the Beautiful. It is hard to travel to Alaska and not find it one of the most beautiful places in the world. Not only are there over 100,000 glaciers, but also Mount McKinley that is the tallest mountain in North America. Alaska has one of the largest coastlines and boasts glaciers calving into the sea, rare land spits like in Homer, and hundreds of islands. There are so many varied landscapes in Alaska that Continue Reading

Are You Prepared For a Travel-Related Emergency? #BayouTravel

Are You Prepared For a Travel-Related Emergency_ #BayouTravel

When you head out on the open road for a trip, are you truly prepared for a travel-related emergency? If you are, then you are in the minority. The vast majority of travelers are taking some serious chances out there. Few people stop and take the time to actually consider the worst and it can lead to some horrific situations. Oddly enough, the preparations are rather easy if you take the time to do them. Here are five important steps towards being prepared for a travel-related Continue Reading

New Orleans to Orlando aboard Megabus -Yes, $1 Tickets + Tips & Tricks to Megabus #BayouTravel

How to travel for less using Megabus #BayouTravel

Over the years I have put many miles on my personal vehicle to cover travel. Although I have had the privilege of using airlines and cruise ships, one method of travel I have yet to experience is bus travel. In my recent #BayouTravel post, I mentioned travel alternatives like Bus Travel. I listed Pro's and Con's but did not mention various my recent bus experience. Today I'm sharing my recent adventure aboard Megabus. Megabus is a low-cost express bus service that travels throughout the U.S, Continue Reading

Travel Alternatives – Pros & Cons to Bus Travel #BayouTravel

Travel Alternatives Pros & Cons to Bus Travel #BayouTravel

In all my years of traveling as an adult, one method of travel I have yet to experience was bus travel. Although I am familiar with local bus transit, traveling by national bus charter companies was out of my element. Recently I experience bus travel from New Orleans to Orlando. The experience was affordable but at times inconvenient to my specific needs. With that being said, if cost is an issue, bus travel is something to consider. I know I will! In a world where travel costs are Continue Reading

Preparing Your Vehicle for Your Next Road Trip #BayouTravel

Preparing Your Vehicle for Your Next Road Trip  #BayouTravel

Road trips have become a huge focus for today’s travelers and hopping in the car to go last minute is common. Nothing is more exciting than loading up the car for a last minute weekend drive to someplace new. Going on a road trip is a great deal of fun, but you have to be prepared to do it safely. The last thing you want to do is head out on a road trip without preparing your vehicle. If you are one to go on road trips often, you can keep your car in a perpetual state of readiness. Here is a Continue Reading

Memphis for Music Lovers #BayouTravel


I love traveling to Tennessee. It is by far one of my favorite states to visit year around. Are you a music lover? Nashville might be home to country music but Memphis is another Tennessee town that should be included on any music lovers travel bucket list. The birthplace of rock and roll, fans have been coming for decades to pay homage to the greats that made rock and roll a movement. Blues and Beale The nearly 2 mile stretch of downtown Memphis labeled Beale Street is where some of the Continue Reading

America’s Most Haunted Hotels #BayouTravel

Americas Most Haunted Hotels #BayouTravel

Does you enjoy a good ghost story? Hearing a ghost story is very different than staying in a haunted hotel! Most Haunted Hotels can be found from the East to West coast and every state in between. It seems as if there are no shortage of ghosts in our country and they love to haunt old hotels. The three most haunted hotels are the Crescent Hotel, the Stanley Hotel, and Hotel Del Coronado. It doesn’t appear that any of these ghosts mean any harm; they just like to let you know that they are Continue Reading

Secrets Revealed: Airline Booking Tips #BayouTravel

Secrets Revealed_ Airline Booking Tips #BayouTravel

When you are taking a trip or vacation and you realize you are going to fly, there is a better than average chance you are going to feel some stress about it. Whether you are stressed about the flying itself or simply about the costs involved, flying is not always easy for us. While there is nothing easy about getting over a fear of flying, finding a great airline rate is an easy fix for sure. Here are some airline booking tips to make sure you get the best rate possible: Make the middle Continue Reading

What Not to Purchase at a Theme Park #BayouTravel

What Not to Purchase at a Theme Park #BayouTravel

    Few things are more fun to do as a family than visiting a theme park together. The roller coasters, games, rides and attractions give you a mini-vacation to remember. Unfortunately, your wallet is not likely to forget either. Theme parks can be extremely expensive and a family trip can literally wipe out your entire summer budget if you are not smart about it. A large part of that is knowing what to avoid buying. Theme parks are expensive, but you can offset a great Continue Reading

More Than Sandcastles and Sunsets – Turquoise Place, Spectrum Resorts #BayouTravel

Turquoise Place - Orange Beach Alabama - the Premier Resort of the Gulf Coast #BayouTravel

Although our stay was part of a recent #BayouTravel press trip, opinions and thoughts are 100% my own and can not be influenced. For additional information please refer to this site's disclosure section. Living in Southeast Louisiana has many privileges, but the proximity to the sugar white beaches of Alabama's Gulf Coast can't be beat. Our family returned to Orange beach for a weekend stay at a Spectrum Resort - Turquoise Place. Located in Orange Beach, Alabama, Turquoise Place offers Continue Reading

Cetacean Cruises Dolphin & Nature Cruise – Orange Beach, Alabama #BayouTravel

Cetacean Cruises Dolphin & Nature Cruise Orange Beach, Alabama #BayouTravel

Disclosure: The following post is in collaboration with my #BayouTravel series. Although my admission was complimentary, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Please refer to this sites disclsoure section for additional information. A little over a week ago my family returned to Orange Beach, Alabama for another #BayouTravel experience. If you think my family get tired of visiting the beach, you are mistaken. In fact, we are always searching for new family experiences. With Orange Continue Reading

Travel Light With 5 Essential Wardrobe Items #BayouTravel

9.11 5 Travel Essentials VERTICAL

Some people ask me how I can pack at a moments notice. The truth is while there are times I over pack depending on the weather or destination, I try and focus on key pieces that I can use without adding bulk to my bag. When I travel I consider comfort and versatility! This fall I am packing 5 essential items and 3-4 additional shirts that can maximize my wardrobe. Not only will this save me luggage space but eliminate the need to shop when my key pieces are always waiting in my closet. Continue Reading