Souvenirs Worth Bringing Home #SeastheDay

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Cozumel with 40  #Brandcation Blogger on the Royal Caribbean - Liberty of the Sea #SeastheDay

I am so excited to announce that I will be attending Brandcation 6: #SeasTheDay aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship – Liberty by the Seas April 3rd-7th. Hosted by Royal Caribbean, Momdot & Brandfluential. This will be my 4th Brandcation and for the 1st time, Brandcation will have ONE Sole sponsor. With 40 female bloggers in attendance we will be spending 4 fun-filled days aboard Liberty of the Seas and enjoying all the amenities included in the all inclusive vacation headed to Cozumel Mexico.

Until I return home from my upcoming trip to Cozumel, Mexico, I will be featuring several cruise inspired posts which can provide insight to an upcoming cruise or preparation tips. Today we discuss souvenirs worth bringing home. Enjoy and make sure to Seas the Day

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Souvenirs Worth Bringing Home #SeastheDay

Embroidered sombreros and traditional dresses are alluring souvenirs when you’re on location in somewhere new. There’s a whole industry that’s dedicated to turning out kitschy souvenirs that tourists just can’t “live without.” But, chances are once you arrive home you’ll be scratching your head and wondering, why in the world did I buy this? It’s ok, we all have done it. But the next time you’re visiting somewhere new consider these souvenirs instead.


Women might get more use out of this suggestion than men but jewelry is generally a good item to pick up, if it’s something you would regularly wear. Know what gemstones or metals the country or region you’re visiting is known for and pick out those items. The key here is to get something you wouldn’t be able to get somewhere else and to choose a style you’ll wear once you’re home. These pieces are good conversation starters and will always remind you of the trip.

Specialty Food and Drinks
Lots of people like to bring something home for their family or friends. An “I Love Cozumel, Mexico” t-shirt isn’t going to mean much to someone who never actually visited that place. But, who doesn’t love food or a bottle of wine? You’ll want to research what you can and can’t bring back to the country, and what you can bring but need to declare. Chocolates, locally produced desserts, honey, wine, juices, etc. are great ideas that you can share back home. Invite your loved ones over after your return to enjoy the treats you’ve returned with and catch up.

Artwork/ Street Artwork

Lots of people rely on postcards to capture images of the location they’ve visited but take things one step further by seeking out and purchasing street art. Nearly everywhere in the world artists set up outside famous scenes and sell their artwork – often capturing city scenes. These small pieces are generally inexpensive and are very easy to transport – taking up almost no space or weight. When you return home, they can be framed inexpensively and remain with you for many years to come.

Products that Area is known for

When you visit a country that exports leather goods around the world it makes sense that leather goods would be on your list of things to seek out. You’ll be able to pick up items for a fraction of their cost at home because they won’t have gone through the export process. Just like with other souvenirs you shouldn’t buy goods just because. Buy the things you’ll use!

Now that you have some ideas of things to pick up here are a few items you should leave behind. Don’t buy anything you’ll never pick up or use again. This includes cheap knick knacks that will find their way to the back of your closet. Also avoid buying local clothing. That Korean kimono was to die for and you had to have it. But, how many times are you really going to wear it back home? Don’t purchase items that you would wear in the vacation destination but would never wear once you leave.

Do you have a travel souvenir that you are grateful to have purchased while on vacation? Share with others so we have a better understanding of what is worth of suitcase space.

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  1. says

    We go to Disney World every year and I swear that I am not coming home with souvenirs every single time we go, yet last year we actually had to buy a suitcase while we were down there because we bought so much stuff that we couldn’t fit it into our suitcases. And last year was our 5th year in a row.

  2. says

    We have done and still do a lot of cruising. I have never tried the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships yet… but… it isn’t out of the question that we may try it. When I started going on cruises, I started with another company and they have been so great that I have stuck with them

  3. says

    Cozumel–what a beautiful place that is supposed to be? I would love to go there but not by cruise (am deathly afraid of going on a cruise)–I haven’t gone very many places but I generally end up picking up souvenirs that get dusty in the back of my closet. These are some great suggestions-thank you.

  4. says

    You are very lucky. I never been on a vacation and I turn 31 on Monday. Id jump at any chance to go on a cruise. I do hope you have safe travels and it turns out to be all you expected and more.

  5. says

    wow! Aren’t you lucky to attend this fab cruise? Have loads of fun and post lots of pics.. When we went to Cuba like about 4 years ago, I bought a hand made wooden cigar from there. It was a nice souvenir to keep around to remind us of the wonderful trip we took!

  6. says

    You’ve got some excellent points and tips here. I was just thinking not long ago how we’ve matured w/our souvenir buying…we’ve gotten a lot better at buying what we will actually use or appreciate long after we’ve come home. :)

  7. amanda @attachedmoms says

    Looks like a good list. It should be something good to take back but not something that you won’t want share or show. Otherwise, what is the point

  8. says

    How very exciting! I purchased a souvenier when I went to Monterey Bay and still have it. My favorite are special rocks and seashells that I find while on vacation.


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