Quick and Easy Snack Options for Your Next Road Trip #ComidasFaciles #CollectiveBias

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Quick & East Snack Options for your Next Road Trip  #MyColectiva #ComidasFaciles #CollectiveBias #Shop

When you hit the road for a family road trip, expenses can really pile up. One of the most serious expenses can be food because the vast majority of travelers grab food on the go. Whether you have a car full of kids or it is just you, planning your snack options and meals on the go can help save your family time and money especially with when you can stock up for the family. Sam’s Club offer members the opportunity to stock up adding value and convenience to their new grocery list.

Quick & Easy Snack Option for Your Next Road Trip  #MyColectiva #ComidasFaciles #CollectiveBias #ad

As Sam’s Club Member’s we can pick up a variety of snack and convenient meal options and save money along the way. Right now and through July 20th, the Sam’s Club Instant Savings Booklets offers several instant savings like a 3 box pack of Kool Aid Jammers at an additional $1.50 savings for a value of $5.03. Also, American KRAFT Singles are also featured for an additional savings of $1.75 making them a value of $5.03. KRAFT Easy Mac Cups are also included in the instant savings booklet. Members can save an additional $2.00 until July 20th, for a value of $7.68. Staying hydrated is key to any summer road trip which makes Kool Aid Jammers a great addition to our ice chest full of bottled water.


Kool Aid Jammers #ComidasFaciles #CollectiveBias

My youngest sister Daniella and I will be traveling with my two children this week. Our 1k mile road trip is a great way to reconnect, reminisce and share some of our family stories with my two children. Since I am always looking for ways to save money I carefully planned our road trip with a variety of food and snack options. Snacks are great but I also wanted to include something a substantial and filling.


Turkey & Cheese Creamy Salsa Tortilla Wraps #ComidasFaciles #CollectiveBias
Turkey & Cheese Creamy Salsa Tortilla Wraps #ComidasFaciles #CollectiveBias


My family loves wraps so I decided to incorporate traditional turkey & cheese with Salsa! We LOVE anything spicy but my turkey and cheese salsa wraps are extremely mild. In fact, I make a creamy salsa using cream cheese and salsa that can be substituted in place or ranch or mayo. When we are on the road, I like to line my wraps with parchment paper so the tortillas stay fresh and avoid the risk of sogginess from keeping cool in the ice chest. Wraps are perfect for any occasion but especially great for traveling. If you are not comfortable eating in the car, utilize local rest breaks and have a picnic while taking a bathroom break.

Taking a road trip with your family Quick and Easy Snack Options

Looking for other food options that will save you time and money on your next road trip?

Quick and Easy Snack Options for Your Next Road Trip #ComidasFaciles #CollectiveBias #BayouTravel

Pack individual sized baggies of veggies

When it comes to carrots, celery, or countless other veggie favorites, it is tough to find anything better. They are easily snack-able while driving and they need nothing to taste fantastic. The little snack size storage bags are ideal to pack them in and a simple little cooler does nicely for storage.

Consider dried fruit
Dried fruit is wonderful because it gives you that burst of sweet your family craves. Dried fruit is also great because you don’t have to keep it at a certain temperature. It travels just fine in the seat next to you.

Granola Bars
Granola is another awesome traveling food and you should consider packing plenty of them for a long trip. Again, you don’t have to carry them in a cooler and they keep forever. These are awesome for getting through long stretches of open road when you are hungry. Granola is naturally filling and it will last a pretty long time.

Salad Fixings
If you are traveling and want something a bit more substantial, a small cooler can carry everything you need for a healthy, delicious salad. Add in some turkey or chicken to jazz it up and bring along some plastic bowls and forks for silverware. It stretches well and will keep everyone from being hungry on the road. Don’t forget a fruit or two to give it some sweet flavor if that is what you like.

Subs or Wraps
Whether it is stopping at a Sub shop or bringing along your favorite fixings, these are wonderfully filling when you are riding long distance. Pack some whole grain bread along with a few lean meats to enjoy. Add in some veggies and light mayo and you have yourself a meal on wheels. Subs also make a good choice if you are choosing to stop at a park or rest area to stretch your legs.

Buying in bulk for a road trip is really  a great decision. You can save your family time and money not to mention a few tears along the way. Pack up a cooler full of your favorite snack foods and stick a few long lasting options in your travel bag that won’t go bad.

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  1. says

    I have to remember on our next trip to pack wraps. That is a great idea for traveling. I usually take a salad and my Hubs hates having to stop and eat it. I could make him a sandwich that he could hold and still drive.

  2. Kay Adeola says

    We love wraps and these look really tasty.I always take snacks any where we travel too as I do not like buying food that is expensive and you never know what is in it really.

  3. Jennifer Williams says

    Those are a lot of great ideas. I had no idea when we moved that there were no Sam’s Clubs near us, I kind of thought they were everywhere. Hopefully one day they will come to our area.

  4. Kristen says

    We love wraps and granola bars! I always make sure we have stuff like that with us and ready when we’re on a road trip, because if not, we end up grabbing stuff when we get gas…and convenient store food isn’t really…food. LOL

  5. says

    Love all the ideas, I need to get my Sam’s Club membership :( I will be traveling in a few weeks and your tips are really amazing !!! #client

  6. Anna says

    I always pack most of the food when we go on road trips. We do a lot of day trips and there’s no way we could afford to do them if we stopped at a restaurant everytime we got hungry.

  7. Rena says

    I just recently bought a Sam’s membership and I love it! These are some great snack options that are so much better for you than fast food restaurants. I try hard to avoid these places because the nutritional value is just nothing. Thanks for these tips this will help alot.

  8. Amanda Her says

    Those tortilla wraps look gooooood! My family would gobble those up in a heartbeat!

  9. Carmen Perez says

    The wraps look very yummy and easy to make. Good snacks are always necessary on road trips!

  10. Pam says

    I want to come on your road trip. It sounds like you are well organized and well stocked, LOL. The dried fruit is really a good suggestion and I will need to remember that next time we go out on the road.

  11. Sarah Bailey says

    Oh yum what some great ideas – I love the sound of those wraps – perfect for anytime I think :D x

  12. says

    I am hungry looking at the wraps! These are definitely easy snacks to bring & I should have some ready for myself during work :P

  13. says

    Awesome snack idea for sure. I like the wrap idea the best and dried fruit. Plus your travel container is perfect.

  14. Trista says

    Great, yummy recipes, I’ve been trying to get more information on whether to go with costco or sams club membership, thanks for sharing!