Green Works: Being Green is for Everyone #YouDontHaveToBe #GreenHousewives

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Over the years, many consumers have realized that being “Green” is the smart solution for our environment in order to prosper and grow. We have made it a trend. Trends are good right? Well, not necessarily. We have become “eco-exclusive”. By that I mean, we have added pressure on others to do more by reminding them that we go over & beyond in our eco-friendly mission. In a new survey, fifty-one percent of respondents said “green is the new black.” Being eco-friendly is fantastic and spreading the message is fantastic, but we have to remember not to alienate others that want to make practical and simple changes into their everyday life.

Green Works has created a new campaign: “You Don’t Have to be Ridiculous to be Green”. A fun new video series featuring #GreenHousewives pokes fun at overzealous eco-consious individuals who have lost sight of the true meaning of being Green. It’s reminds individuals that whether your making small practical changes in your lifestyle like changing household cleaners or recycling, you are still making a huge impact in the world. No small deed is unnoticed. We should celebrate each others efforts instead of looking a “green” as a status symbol.

I watched all the videos in the Green Works’ You Don’t Have to Be Ridiculous to be Green Campaign. I thought they were cute, humorous, and reminded me exactly how ridiculous we can come across. I’m not saying that being an extreme, eco-consious person is a bad thing, I’m saying you don’t have to alienate those who are interested in betting our world one small step at a time. We don’t want interested individuals to feel that being green is too costly, time-consuming, or impractical.

Interested in making small changes in your life to be a little more “green”? You can visit Green Works Cleaners on their website or watch their new video series. You can also follow Green Works on Twitter & use the hashtags: #YouDontHaveToBe and/or #GreenHousewives

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  1. Peggy D says

    hardest thing for me is remembering my reusable bags for the grocery store!


  2. Isabel says

    the hardest thing is to remember and to try to tell my family to do it
    thanks for the opportunity !!

  3. says

    I like to keep things simple by not having a tons of products. I keep vinegar, bleach on hand and the only thing I really have to buy for household cleaning is bath and tile cleaner. Everything that can be, gets recycled at home and at school. Our staff of 100 and our student population of 950 are well trained :)

  4. says

    The price of being green is a big hurdle. Products are usually much more expensive and I can usually only afford to purchase when on clearance.