Capturing Slidell’s “Pelicans on Parade”

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Slidell City Art Project- Pelicans on Parada

Living outside on the New Orleans area means that locals have an artistic creativity is always overflowing. Similar to LA/SPCA Mardi Gras Bead Dog® Project in New Orleans, City Art Projects like in New York, Texas, Nebraska, Ohio and more, have created public city art projects in order to promote local and regional artists & raise money for a specific charities. Slidell, Louisiana has recently adopted its own project called Pelicans on Parade.

Pelicans on Parade Slidell Louisiana

The Pelicans on Parade project, which began as a project of the Leadership Northshore class of 2013 to showcase the talent of local artists and raise money for the Children’s Wish Endowment. The pelicans reflect various themes like patriotic, Louisiana traditions, local sports organizations as well as other themes indignant to our area and culture. You can find more information & additional pictures on the Leadership Northshore: Pelicans on Parade Facebook Page. locations have increased and the map of current pelicans are being updated.

Slidell City Art Project- Pelicans on Parada

My daughter & I rode around one Saturday morning as we were running errands and took our own pictures of the parade of pelicans. Our excitment was partly in finding each pelican, the other fun part was noticing how each pelican is specifically designed by each local artist. It was almost like a pelican scavenger hunt.
Who Dat New Orleans Saints Pelican Art Project

Although we took many pictures, we are still in need for a few more. Currently there are 60 pelicans in all. My goal is to capture the entire Pelican on Parade Art Project & share with my readers. The pelicans are a great addition to local travel & tourism. Also, it has been fun watching many of my Facebook friends capture their own memories on the Pelicans which will all be relocated elsewhere in the City sometime in August 2013.

Pelicans on Parade Collage



List Courtesy of the Pelcians on Parade Facebook page

In Olde Towne:
– “Pelican Brief” by Julie Graff, sponsored by Lamz Law Firm LLC, is at the City Courthouse, 501 Bouscaren Street.
– “Pelican Randy” by Kenny Bridges, sponsored by Progressive Waste Solutions, is at the Slidell Police Station, 2112 Third Street.
– “Sambola Cajun Pelican” by Adam Sambola, sponsored by Jackelyn Harris Gallo, is on 3rd Street, just past Fremaux.
– “Wild Royalty” by Elsie Semmes, sponsored by Billie & Gran Semmes, is in Griffith Park on 2nd Street.
– “Freedom” by Cheryl Simon, sponsored by Thomas Gorechei Jr., is at 241 Erlanger Ave.
– “Pelicopia” by Mary Christopher, sponsored by Pelican Energy is at the City Auditorium, 2056 Second Street.
– “Patriotic Pelican” by Mickey Asche, sponsored by the Leadership Northshore Class of 2013, is by the Gosh Museum, near City Hall, 2045 Second Street.
– “Jeanfreau’s Landing”, painted & sponsored by Jeanine Bernard & C.J. Lauterbach, is at Hair Port, 353 Robert Street.
– “Who Dat” by Lori Gomez is at The Who Dat Shoppe, 311 Robert Street
– “Starry Starry Flight” by Laura Mauffray Borchert is at Notting Hill, 233 Robert Street
– “Slidell Station – All Aboard” by Jeanine Bernard & C.J. Lauterbach, sponsored by Sandra & Peter Perrien, is next to KY’s Olde Towne Bicycle Shop, 2267 Carey Street.
– “The Camelia City” by Yuki Northington is at Pontchartrain Investments, 2242 Carey Street.
– “Cypress Twilight” by Cindy Strecker, sponsored by Sharron & Bill Newton, is in front of the Slidell Museum at 2020 First Street
– “Happy La Pier” aka “Polly C” by Phil Galatas is at Lowry-Dunham, Case, & Vivien, 2001 First Street
– “Spice of Life” aka “Cayene” by Jefferey Marshall is at It’s Promo Time, 2116 Carey Street.
– LSU Pelican by Shelley Stearns is at Sculpt Fitness, 2306 Front Street.
– Saints Pelican by Shelley Stearns is at Three Divas and a Sugardaddy, 2306 Front Street.
– “SAM, the Ameripel” by Kathleen DesHotel, sponsored by Ronald & Sylvia Reine, is at Three Divas and a Sugardaddy, 2306 Front Street.
On the Southside of Town:
– “RedBean’s Piano Pelican” by Adam Sambola is at the North Shore Harbor Center, 100 Harbor Center Blvd.
– “Tiger Proud” by April Holifield, sponsored by Gail & Vic Lockhart, is on Moonraker in Eden Isles by the big LSU flag.
– “Sunset Reflections” by Elsie Semmes is at Izabella’s Villa, 3971 Pontchartrain Drive.
– “Pink Paisley Pelican” by Cheryl Simon, sponsored by Lynne & Gary DeMarsh, is at Southside Café, 3154 Pontchartrain Drive.
– “Eagle Eyes” by Caron Sharpe is at Patriot Title, 245 Pontchartrain Drive.
On the East side of I-10:
– “Time to Eat Y’all!” by Yuki Northington is at Reine Diamonds & Fine Jewelry, 1736 Gause East.
– “Honey Island Pete” by Darlene Langendonk is at Ochsner Hospital, 100 Medical Center Drive.
– “Horse Pelican” by Kenny Bridges, sponsored by Chris, Angie, Logan, and Paris Jean, is at the Wine Market, 2051 Gause East.
– “Save the TaTa’s” by Peggy Cromer is at Sylvia’s Jewelry, 2137 Gause Blvd.
– “Blue Bayou” by Julie Graff is at Dr. Gordan A. Bech’s dentist office, 925 Cross Gates Blvd.
– “Honey Island Pete Pelican” by Len Heatherly is at Devereux & Nguyen Orthodontics, 2330 Gause East.
– “Bringing Music to the Marsh” by M’liss Maguire is at Jerry L. Carney & Associates, Inc, 2345 Gause East.
– “Blue Pelican” by Paige Hymel is at Dr. Craig J. Brandner’s office, 2364 Gause Blvd.
– “Dr. Pelican” by Kenny Bridges is at Pelican Urgent Care, 2375 Gause East.
– “Calico Pelican” by Milo Stephens Asche is at Cross Gates Athletic Club by the kiddie pool, 200 N. Military Road.
– “Drum Set Pelican” by Laura Mauffray Borchert, sponsored by the Slidell Evening Lions Club, is at Speckled T’s, 158 S. Military Road.
North of Gause:
– “So Many Fish” by Helio Zavalza is at Blue Bell Creameries, 34623 Grantham College Drive.
– “Rainbow Pelican” by Barbara Shaw is at John Roheim’s pediatrician office, 862 Brownswitch Road.
– “The Slidellian” by Janelle Mullen is at Summerfield Retirement Community, 4104 Dauphine Street, just off Brownswitch Road.
– “Georgia O’Keefe Motif” by Mary Christopher, sponsored by GMRA Consulting LLC, is at John Slidell Park.
– “Justice of the Pelican” by Reed Parker, sponsored by Attorney Frank Swarr, is on Robert Blvd. between New Country Club and New Beginnings Church.
– “Dr. Smiley” by Reed Parker is at Lakeshore Family Dentistry, 435 Robert Blvd.
– “Tiger Bird” by Lori Gomez, sponsored by Debbie & Dean Pope, is at Greenbriar, 505 Robert Blvd.
– “Brown Pelican” by Adam Sambola, sponsored by Rep. Greg Cromer, Dist. 90, is at the corner of Robert Blvd. and North Blvd., near the library.
– “Mardi Gras” by Michelle Kavanaugh is at Northshore Discount Pharmacy, 680 Robert Blvd.
– “Sunflower Sue” by Julie Mauffray, sponsored by Charity Texas Hold-Em Winner Scott Schwaner, is at Garden Spot Nursery, 770 Robert Blvd.
– “Swamp Bird” by Archibald Stewart Murray IV is at RCI Landscaping, Rotolo Consultants, 894 Robert Blvd.
– “Camelia City Cares” by Christine Blanchard Lowrance is at the Cancer Center, 1120 Robert Blvd.
– “PelEYEcan” by Crystal Stahulak, sponsored by the Slidell Evening Lions Club, is at Birmingham Optical, 1173 Robert Blvd.
– “Pelican Dolittle” by Reed Parker is at Slidell Veterinary Hospital, 1104 Front Street.
– “My Slidell” by Michael Reed, sponsored by Dara & Mike Zeringue, is at the corner of Gause & Front, across from the old Party City.
On the West side of I-10:
– “Saints Fan” by Christy Broady is at Trinity Neurologic Rehabilitation Center, 1400 Lindberg Drive.
– “Pio’s Paint Ball Pelican” by Paulette Lizano, sponsored by Charity Texas Hold-Em Winner Rusty Yates, is in the median on Gause near Cane’s.
– “Tigers Fan” by Caron Sharpe is at La. Dental Center, 1301 East Ridge Drive.
– “Sunset Pelican” by Jessica Bourgeois is at Slidell Memorial Hospital, 1001 Gause Blvd.
– “New Orleans Brass” by Matt Litchliter is at Textron Marine & Land Systems, 1010 Gause Blvd.
– “Basketball Pelican” by Kenny Bridges, sponsored by Gulf States Contractor, is at Family Drug Mart, 140 Gause, across from Burger King.
– “Shotgun Community” by Matt Litchliter, sponsored by the Brandner Family, is at the corner of Gause & Front, across from Walgreen’s.
– “Star Leader” by Caron Sharpe is at the East St. Tammany Chamber of Commerce, 118 West Hall Ave.
– “Treasures of the Gulf” by Cindy Strecker, sponsored by the North Shore Harbor Center, is near the flags by the train station, 1827 Front Street.
– “Rex” by Cathy Wood Newman is at Professional Image, 1654 Front Street.
– “Patches” by Cathy Wood Newman is at All Stitched Up by Angela, 1730 Front Street.

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  1. says

    Those are so fun! Here in Milwaukee we have “beasties” – they kind of look like giant cows and they are also each painted/decorated and themed differently. So fun!

  2. Lisa says

    We are so excited to be getting one at work! I do want to clarify that not all of the pelicans will be relocated. It depends on the price you pay whether you get to keep it or not. I am happy to say that our pelican will be with us forever! :)

  3. Cami says

    Maria, Thank you so much for the ones you have on your website and for sharing these great photos. I have taken some recent photos of the new ones with my daughter and would like to share with y’all what I have found in the past two weeks. I do not have a Facebook and I do not know how to send them to be added to the Children’s Wish Endowment website because the email is not going thru. So maybe I can email my pics to you Marie and you can share these on your website. Sincerely, Cami
    “Toothfairy” Dr. Loescher & Dr. Lindsay’s dental office Old Spanish Trail
    “Sir Marron Pelecanus” by Cindy & Valerie Strecker at Garrett Holdings, LLC on Coast Dr. -turn rt. off of Old Spanish Trail by the red light by Old Spanish Trail
    Captain of the Merchant Marines done by the owner of the company’s daughter in law-Old Spanish Trail
    Live Oak Village on Gause…beautiful with oyster shells
    Surgeon pelican at Dr. Fong’s office (Fong Institute) on Gause Blvd.
    Red one at Wendy’s on Gause down by Military
    “Alma Mater” at Slidell Highschool on Tiger Drive
    Pelican with swirls at LaRosetta on Robert Rd.
    “Blaze” at the Olde Towne Fire Department on 3rd St.
    “Chocolate Fleur de Lis” by Cindy Strecker at the City Permits Building in Olde Towne @ the corner of First St. & Bouscaren
    “Feathered Felon” a thief at Stanley Electronics on Carey street diagnl from Ky’s restaurant
    “Pappy the Pelican” by Lamulle Construction at Hwy 11 & Ratt’s Nest Rd.
    “Gone Fishing” @ Floorworks & Blinds on Fremaux before you get to new interstate exchange
    SLT- one at Slidell Little Theater with an SLT …no artist or name
    Surgeon at the Southern Surgical Hospital on the I-10 Service Rd.-Lindberg Drive
    “The Fishing Pelican” by Cindy Cenac (has Poydras Hardware on it) in the Woods Subdivision by the neighborhood pool -Thompson Rd.
    “Plexus Slim” on Front St. in front of Southern Blues Screenprinting and Embroidery

    • Maria says

      Cami, you can email them to I can do a collage of your pics and share with other readers. This post is very popular and has shown our area in a positive light. I love what they are doing with Children’s Wish Endowment & our community!!

  4. Fred Martinez says

    The pelican at Slidell Little Theatre has been named “Aristotle” by the theatre. It was painted by Casey Blake Ausman.

  5. Ed & Dee Hollier says

    What a fantastic idea! Congradulation to the City of Slidell for allowing the Pelican on Parade.
    Wish every City would follow suite. The artists are amazing. They are wonderful. It truly lifts one’s spirits .
    Thank You, Slidell, La.

  6. Chris says

    The are very beautiful. My wife ordered one for her business, she has had issues with the artist painting what they agreed on and still does not have her pelican for the front of her business. So hopefully, there will be one more pelican to see. By the way she just wants what she paid for.

    • Maria says

      Chris, I am so sorry to hear that. I hope everything gets resolved. It is a great cause and it will be a beautiful addition to her business.