Adding Vehicle Safety to Your Back to School Preparations #ProtejeATusHijos #Sponsored

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Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. However, all opinions expressed are my own.
Adding Vehicle Safety to Your Back to Schol Preparations ProtejeATusHijos

We are a traveling family and like many families, car safety is something we are very passionate about. But accidents can happen anywhere! We have made our children aware that car crashes can happen on bikes, as pedestrians even as a bus passenger. Because of this, we have included practical tips as part of our back to school preparation. Any valuable tip can help save my children from serious injury or even death. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers valuable tips and resources at a new, fun and informative website which offers games, videos and coloring pages which teaches child transportation safety.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 9.10.56 PM

For parents, Chuggington and the NHTSA offers lessons geared towards preschool to 1st grade that focus in four main areas: bike, pedestrians,bus and car seat safety. The Spanish language service program will keep young children engaged while learning valuable tips. You can use these tips along with their motto: ¡Piensa seguro, viaja seguro, mantente seguro! which means “Think Safe, Be Safe, Ride Safe.”

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For kids, their favorite Chuggington characters: Chuggington, Wilson, KoKo and Brewster are ready to get roaring as they take you on a fun journey. My son loved the videos but he also enjoyed the Chuggington Safety Game where he earned badges for making the correct safety procedure. Also, we were able to download various coloring pages and puzzled at home. These coloring pages are perfect for your next road trip with the family.

Chuggington and Friends

Visit – a fun and informative Spanish-language website for both you and your kids. Make vehicle safety part of your back to school preparations as well!

How does your child (if old enough) get to school? Do they ride their bike, walk, car rider or use bus transportation?

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  1. Carly says

    What a great point! This is a great time to go and double check all of the safety precautions that you have when transporting your kiddos!

  2. Veronica says

    Vehicle safety is so important. The irony here though is that my kids take the school bus, which are not equipped with seat belts. I have never quite gotten that

  3. Lois Alter Mark says

    Great campaign for a really important topic. How in the world can so many school buses not have seatbelts in the 21st century??

  4. says

    Teaching vehicle safety to kids is so important because so many car accidents happen on a daily basis. They need to be aware of how to keep safe during road trips or driving in the car.

  5. Terry says

    When I was raising my Daughter, seat belts and vehicle safety were for the most part non existant. We used to ride our kids in our laps (not while driving).
    Car seat saftey is very important… so is bike, bus and pedestrian

  6. Kay Adeola says

    It is so important to teach children from a young age the importance of safety when it comes to vehicles.We take our kids to school everyday it is only a short walk from the house but I will not allow them to go any where alone.

  7. Jennifer Williams says

    My youngest is homeschooled so we will not have to head out when it is busy. My oldest will be commuting this year so we can keep him in the same high school for his senior year, we are still unsure as to our plans for it though.

  8. Rena McDaniel says

    These are great ideas to talk about a serious subject. We too traveled alot when our children were little and we were always safety cautious but things still do happen. It is back to school time and I hope people will think about this and slow down a little. Here in SC we have been having a problem with people passing a stopped school bus which is a very dangerous situation. There was even a police officer that passed and caught on tape. This is very scary.

  9. says

    This is a great facet of back-to-school that we all need to be aware of! No kids here, but our neighborhood is FULL of them! We all have to work together to make sure they stay safe as they walk to their bus stop…and we all have to work together to accommodate the school buses on our work commutes, too! I always leave a little bit early when school is in, so I’m not in a hurry!

  10. Amanda Love says

    My kids take the bus to school unless they miss it then I have to do the job. I’m not entirely sure how safe those buses really are since they never wear seatbelts but their track record is good.

  11. says

    My oldest two take the bus. My 16 year old because of distance and my 13 year old for distance and because of her disability.

  12. Jen V says

    My kids ride the bus to school. Vehicle safety is such an important thing to teach to your kids.

  13. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Such a important topic. My kids took the bus to school. I wish buses had seat belts.

  14. says

    With all the summer use, it is good to check again and make sure the car seats are strapped in properly.
    We still ride all together to school, no bikes or walking.

  15. Robin says

    Schools usually do a bus safety day, but I don’t know if they do a general vehicle safety one or not. It’s definitely needed and a great idea to do at home if you aren’t sure about school!

    • Amanda McMahon says

      Great post – we often forget of these little things when we’re getting the excitement of the new year, new clothes and new routines. Great reminder.

  16. says

    It’s really important to teach the little ones about vehicle safety. My son took the school bus for the first time ever last year and we had to teach him that it’s not ok to be standing when the bus is running. This year he will also be going on the school bus.

  17. says

    Yes! Car safety is just as important as buying clothes! If y’all are biking, checking the bike & helmets are a must as well.

  18. Krystal says

    What a fun topic! My kiddo is all about cars these days. GLad to see a fun way to entertain while also learning.

  19. says

    Chuggington is so good for teaching lessons. I think it’s because they’re colorful and cute that the kiddos take note.

  20. The Chef's Wife says

    I love this …. can use it in my homeschool curriculum/planning this year!! THANK YOU … pinning on my Education board! :)

  21. says

    My son use to take the school bus with thankfully had seat belts. It’s crazy some school bus dont even till now. This is why it’s important to teach about vehicle safety.