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#Ad Champions for Kids’ Hunger Heroes #CollectiveBias #HungerHeroes

When I was a little girl my mother was a single mother trying to earn a decent living in Los Angeles, California. At the time my brother and I did not realize our small familia lived in poverty. My mother had Mi Madrina and a small group of friends that she called family and managed to work three jobs to make ends meat. There were times my mother and I would take a bus to a local food bank in order to have things like frijoles, peanut butter and canned chicken. It was the protein my brother and I needed to fight hunger. With the generosity of companies like Kraft and Tyson, programs that feed children and help stop hunger.

Champions for Kids - Hunger Heroes  #HungerHeroes #CollectiveBias #Ad

Every weekend I make my routine visit to Sam’s Club to get our groceries for the week. During the month of August, when Sam’s club shoppers can purchase Tyson® Fully-Cooked Chicken Nuggets (5 lb. bag), KRAFT Macaroni and Cheese Dinner (7.25 oz. 12-pack) or a Capri-Sun (6 oz. 40-pack) and both Tyson and KRAFT will help feed a child in need by donating 4oz. of protein, 6 fl. oz. CAPRI SUN, and/or 2.5 oz. of KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese Dinners. You can learn more about the Hunger Heroes initiative by visiting www.samsclub.com/hungerheroes. Initiatives like this help bring awareness to poverty in the USA but more importantly help fight hunger.


Going to Sam’s Club is easy for me. I know the entire layout of the store and don’t feel overwhelmed while shopping. Plus, Sam’s Club offers tasty food and beverage demos. Today I noticed the Tyson & Kraft demo cart. Unfortunately the demo employee was cleaning up to take her lunch break. No nuggets for me today but I was able to purchase some goodies to bring to my friend Sammy.

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My friend Sammy reminds me of my mother growing up. The single Latina mother has 4 children that she raises alone but she is one good worker. I have often brought Sammy to work and picked her up because her car had broken down. Never once calling in, she knew every hour she worked meant additional income for her children. So my kids and I decided to buy a few items for Sammy and her children at Sam”s Club. We figured if we were going to give back, we can make it count more by purchasing our items at Sam”s Club this month.

Champions for Kids - Hunger  #HungerHeroes #CollectiveBias  #Ad I don’t know how Sammy stretches her dollar because my two kids eat me out of house and home, I can’t imagine Sammy’s food bill. My son loves fruit so he suggested we add fruit to our goodie box. My teen said we had to add milk to make the macaroni extra creamy.

Champions for Kids - Hunger Heroes #HungerHeroes #CollectiveBias  #Ad

Be sure to visit the Hungry HeroesFacebook App where you can play games and win prizes along the way. We can all fight hungry by becoming Hungry Heroes! Right now many of us do not have enough to donate but with the Hungry Heroes initiative we can feed our family and feed a child. I bought a trunk full of groceries for Sammy for under $50! Who know we all have super powers? Mine is being a Sam’s Club Shopper!

Champions for Kids - Hunger Heroes  #HungerHeroes #CollectiveBias  #Ad #Shop

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  1. Jenni E. says

    This is one of my favorite programs. It’s always so hearwarming to hear the stories, thank you for sharing yours! I’m sure your friend really appreciated it!