10 Must Haves for a Healing Garden

by Maria on April 21, 2014

10 Must Haves for a Healing Garden

My grandmother loved to garden! Eggplant, tomatoes, butternut squash and more were always in abundance in her Southeast Louisiana home. My grandmother would spend several hours a day tending to her large garden. What we didn’t eat that day, she froze for the winter. But her garden was more than an fruits and veggies. She also grew things like mint and aloe as a natural remedy source. Over the years I have implemented many of the tips she instilled in me at a young age for my own backyard garden.

Growing your own garden gives you the opportunity to commune with nature, all while allowing you to have specific herbs and vegetables on hand. Usually, gardeners focus on a specific area, growing such things as a vegetable garden or an herb garden. If you are hoping to start your very own healing garden, here are a few medicinal plants you need to have in your garden.


This healing herb is great for treating gastrointestinal issues. It can be used to relieve nausea and an upset stomach. It can even help alleviate bloating and gas. Ginger is also used as a flavoring in food.

Chamomile is an herb that is commonly used in teas. It can be used as a topical treatment to help alleviate symptoms of colds and rashes. When consumed, chamomile is known to calm upset stomachs and to assist in solving sleeping problems.


There are many uses for lavender, but the most common of these uses include treating such conditions as anxiety, insomnia and depression. The smell and taste of lavender can have a calming effect on a person, effectively relieving any fears or negative emotions.

Lemon Balm
This is a great herb to have on hand when it comes to gastrointestinal issues. This herb can be used to help treat digestive problems such as bloating, an upset stomach and even vomiting. It can also be used to help relieve minor pain.

Mint has a pleasing aroma and taste, making it a popular herb to be used in teas. The most common uses for this herb is to help treat indigestion and nausea. It can even be used to treat headaches.

This is a popular cooking herb since it is a source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. When consumed, it can aid in digestion and can help improve memory. Since it is rich in antioxidants, rosemary can be a good source to help lower the risk of developing cancer.

Aloe Vera

The gel inside of the aloe vera plant as a topical treatment for skin conditions. This gel can soothe sunburns and it can help moisturize dry skin. Since it is known to kill bacteria, aloe can be used on top of a shallow cut to help with the healing process.

Although more commonly known as a plant for cats, catnip can also be used for a variety of health issues. It can be used to help with such conditions as anxiety, insomnia and frequent migraines. Some people even use catnip to treat colds and indigestion.


Sage is a known anti-inflammatory herb that can be taken to help ease inflammation. This herb has even been used to help improve memory and to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Sage can be consumed in a variety of ways and can be used as a seasoning in food.

This is a great herb to have around, especially if you enjoy drinking tea. This herb can be used to help treat the cold and the flu. It is known to help calm upset stomachs and it can also help boost the immune system.

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Cruise Ship Entertainment - Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas  #SeastheDay #BayouTravel

I’m not a poolside person! Naturally I enjoy having a fruity cocktail by the pool but when I travel, I am always on the go. I want to get the most out of my travel dollars and find ways to keep myself occupied during any vacation getaway. Whether my family and I are enjoying the afternoon at a museum or taking in a show after dinner, I love to keep busy. Vacationing aboard a cruise ship can be very relaxing and quite entertaining as well.
Adventure on the High Seas - Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas #SeastheDay

Outdoor sports enthusiasts can enjoy 10 pools and whirlpools, FlowRider® surf simulator, rock-climbing wall, ice-skating rink, outdoor basketball courts, mini golf course, and much more. Did you know Liberty of the Seas offers a full-course boxing ring as well as yoga classes? You can also stay active by taking in a quick run or walk on their top jogging track as well.

Cruise Ship Entertaining - Royal Caribbean #SeastheDay

The Royal Promanade offers name-brand, duty-free shopping including jewelry, perfumes, apparel and shopping for teens and kids. You can also find wine tasting for a small added charge. You know I love my wine tastings! From cabernets to ports, your senses will appreciate the complexity of the fine wines offered aboard Liberty of the Seas.

Adult Evening Entertainment aboard Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas #SeastheDay

Enjoy a show or 2! One of my favorites: Complimentary Broadway hit like Saturday Night Fever, The Musical is available at the Main Theater. Maybe an Ice-skating shows in Studio B? Encore: An Ice Spectacular offers music, ice skating and elaborate costumes that will have you on your feet with excitement. Nightly game shows like Love & Marriage Game, Battle of the Sexes, and the adults-only Quest (which is a riot) kept entertaining when the suns does down.

Teen Entertainment Aboard Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas #SeastheDay Who said entertainment was only for adults? Sitter services and cruise activities for children of all ages, you can find something for your favorite toddler, middle schooler or teen!The DreamWorks Experience allows the entire family to get up close and personal with characters from Madagascar the movie. Don’t forget Liberty of the Seas NEW 3D movie theater and NEW Outdoor poolside movie screen and family-friendly activities.

Art Lovers Paradise aboard Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas #SeastheDay #BayouTravel

Casino Royale, night clubs like Catacombs and art galleries can keep any adult entertained. If you thought your entire cruise would consist of lounging the by the pool your are entirely wrong. Being wrong never felt SO right! Don’t forget, we didn’t even mention cruise shore excursions. Next week we will chat different options available and what I chose during my recent trip aboard Royal Caribbean.
Me aboard Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas #SeastheDay #BayouTravel
Disclosure: Although my experience aboard Liberty of the Seas was part of a recent press trip. I would go back in a heartbeat. In fact, you may see me and my family on a cruise ship very soon.


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